Is Building Muscle A Good Way To Lose Weight?

Woman lifting weights

Lifting Weights

Lifting weights can help you to lose unwanted pounds and generally look and feel healthier. When you lift weights, you can burn more fat and tone your body. In order to effectively lose weight, you have to increase your metabolism. Lifting weights helps you to do this and it can keep your metabolism at a higher level even after you have finished your workout. Because of the workout, your body will have a higher demand for oxygen which will raise your metabolism.

Do Muscles Burn More Calories Than Fat?

Of course, weight lifting will also help you to develop muscles and muscles themselves can contribute to a higher metabolism. One pound of fat will burn only about five calories per day but one pound of muscle can burn up to 20 calories in the same amount of time. Lifting weights helps you to burn fat and build muscle so it offers double the benefit of regular exercise alone. In addition, weightlifting helps you to strengthen your bones which is essential as you age.

How Often Do I Need To Lift?

To build muscle and burn fat, it is recommended that you lift weights at least three days each week. A healthy diet is an essential part of any weight loss plan and adding aerobic exercises can also be very helpful. When you do all of these things as part of your weight loss plan, you will begin to build muscle and burn fat at an increased rate. It will also allow you to optimize the muscle to fat ratio which will keep that extra fat away permanently, provided you continue with your plan.

It is essential that you increase the weights that you are lifting. Increasing the weights that you lift as you get used to those weights helps you to continue with the progress that you are making. Choosing different varieties of weightlifting exercises is a good start. Begin with one set and then move on to another and keep changing what you are doing frequently in order to get the real benefit from your routine.

Some weight lifting exercises can target your core, strengthening it so that other exercises are easier to perform. Fitness experts recommend free weights for those who are looking to burn fat and build muscle. Abdominal lifts along with some sort of aerobic exercise can be very beneficial because they tend to burn a higher number of calories than simple static movements.

Is It Safe to Lift Weights?

It is important to understand that lifting weights can be risky for those who do not do it properly. If you do not follow the right techniques or you begin with weights that are too heavy for you, you risk injury. In order to avoid injury, begin with weights that are relatively comfortable for you to lift and do only a single set of repetitions until you get used to the movements. Allowing your muscles to rest a bit between reps is the best way to begin, even when you are focusing on weight loss and fat burning while building muscle.

The American Council on Exercise recommends choosing weightlifting exercises that target every major group of muscles. This means the back, core, arms and legs, hips and chest. This allows you to begin toning your entire body and building muscles in these major areas, which again will lead to greater weight loss as the muscles begin helping you to burn fat.

How Does It Work?

Your exercises should be done in sets of eight repetitions and with weights that are comfortable for you to lift. Once you begin to get used to these reps and this weight, increase the weight and add a few more repetitions for each exercise. Remember that the more you work, the more your heart rate will increase and this is key in burning calories. Once you begin building muscle, you will continue to burn calories even after your workout has been completed.

Many feel that weightlifting is simply for building muscle and while this may certainly be true, it is building those muscles that will continue to help you to lose unwanted pounds. The more muscles you target and strengthen, then more fat and calories you can expect to burn in the long run. If you are planning to begin an exercise routine to lose fat, adding weightlifting can be a very beneficial plan. Lifting those weights will help you to better tone your body and define muscles and help you to burn more calories during each of your workouts, giving you a much better chance at success with regards to your overall weight loss goals.