How To Use Exercise To Shape Your Body Without Bulking Up

toned woman lifting weight

Toned Woman

Everyone wants to lose weight and get healthy and most have an idea of what they want to look like. For some, it is having huge muscles and looking bulky. Others however, simply want to look slim and fit, fit into a new dress or otherwise just feel healthier. There is a difference between toning up and bulking up and the exercises done will have a major impact on which way you go.

What Is Toning?

Toning is simply becoming slimmer and leaner and losing body fat. It may incorporate a bit of muscle definition but it is not building huge muscle mass and resembling a body builder. Toning is normally a term that is used to describe an end gold which is often the result of fat burning and a bit of weightlifting.

Bulking up or building large muscles is typically something that men aspire to do. They want to look like bodybuilders with a lot of muscle mass and a reduction in body fat. Toning refers much more to slimmer people who have defined muscles, although those muscles are not what you may consider to be huge. Now that you know the difference in the two terms, you may wonder how you can properly exercise and tone your body without looking like you want to compete in the next bodybuilding competition.

How Do You Tone Up Without Bulking Up?

Increasing your body tone is possible without adding bulky muscles. It simply requires that you lose body fat and maintain or slightly increase your muscle tissue. You will need to learn how to control the type as well as the amount of exercise that you do and to control your diet. In order to burn fat, you have to learn healthier ways of eating and avoiding excess fat in your diet. When you are overweight, it is because of fat in your body and not muscle mass. Body fat is spread out much more than muscle tissue so when you begin toning your body, the first thing that you need to do is to learn how to shed that unwanted fat tissue which makes you leaner and much healthier.

In order to burn calories and fat while toning, you will want to maximize workouts with increased intensity. High intensity workouts combined with strength training will allow you to maximize the number of calories that you burn each day. It will also help you to burn unwanted fat and to tone those muscles.

What You Eat and Drink Always Count

You also have to ensure that you are eating right and drinking plenty of water. Eat a good breakfast before working out and choose foods that are low in fat and offer plenty of vitamins and minerals. Getting enough protein is essential when working out and you should opt for foods that will help you to increase your metabolism. The higher your metabolism, the more fat and calories you can expect to burn throughout your workout and even afterwards.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean proteins should be your focus if you want to lose fat and tone your body. When working out, choose exercises that will allow you to tone as opposed to bulk. You may want to start with light weightlifting exercises, ones that you feel comfortable doing, and then slowly build up from there. Contrary to popular opinion, lifting weights is not just for people who want to add bulk. Weightlifting can be a very effective way to burn body fat and lose weight, provided you are doing it properly. If you have questions about the workout or you are unsure of where to begin, visit a gym or do a bit of research on the proper exercises for toning. There are a number of weightlifting exercises that you can do that will simply help you to look leaner and more fit without actually adding bodybuilder arms and legs.

Some people tend to overdo it when they are exercising to get toned. Exercise is a great way to tone your body but you have to protect yourself from injury while you are exercising. Too much of a good thing can be harmful so try not to overdo it. Sleep is essential to good health and to weight loss so make sure you are getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night and take off 2 days per week from your exercise routine to allow your body time to rest. Working out does not necessarily mean you are in competition mode. You can trim the fat from your body and get your muscles in great shape without looking like you are a bodybuilder.