How Is Women’s Fitness Different From Men’s?

Woman Lifting Weights

Womens’ Fitness

When it comes to fitness, women and men are certainly not alike. While many of the exercises that each gender does are similar and some are actually the same, the results are often much different. Women in general have a different view of working out than men. Men often want to bulk up and add muscle while women simply want to be fit and trim.

What Is The Best Way?

There really is no wrong or right way to do things. There is simply a difference in how they are done. The physical differences alone are notable between men and women. For instance, a woman’s pelvis will tilt much more than a man’s, making certain exercises a bit different. When women are doing squats for example, they will need to do them a bit different than men in order to prevent back injuries.

How About Muscle Mass?

Women and men are different with regards to muscle mass as well. Men tend to have more muscle mass than women so women are urged to use lighter weights so that they do not incur injuries. Men will often bulk up due to testosterone whereas women will not, unless they are strictly trying to do so. Men’s bodies are a bit less flexible than women’s and they are much less likely to stretch before doing their exercises.

Just as men have more muscle mass, they also have more upper body strength, although there is an exception to every rule. Men mostly work harder to improve their upper body strength so this could be one reason why there is such a difference in this regard. Women often have more lower body strength but again, it could simply be because women target these areas.

Is Weight Training Good For Women?

While women traditionally did not choose weight training, things are certainly changing. Many women have begun to incorporate weightlifting as part of their normal exercise routine and fitness experts think that it is past time. Women should lift weights and there are a number of health benefits for those that do. Men still lift weights more than women do, but the tide certainly has shifted over the past few years.

Some women are simply afraid of weightlifting because they feel that it will give them huge arms and legs and they do not want to go around looking like a bodybuilder. Of course, most men would appreciate this problem but women prefer to be a bit less conspicuous.

Social Fitness?

Women do tend to think that fitness is a bit more fun than men believe. They opt for working out in groups and choosing activities that are enjoyable while men tend to push themselves, often beyond their limits, in order to see the end result. Women do certainly want to reach their fitness goals but they do so in a much different way than men. Women tend to try a variety of exercise routines from yoga and Pilates to spin classes and walking. Men on the other hand, often find one routine that suits them and stick with it for months at a time or until they see the results that they want.