Do Diets Actually Cause You To Gain Weight?

Woman eating a salad standing on a scale

Healthy Eating Habits For Long Term Weight Control

Millions of people begin new diets every day and while many of them are successful in their weight loss attempts, some fail miserably. One of the reasons that some people fail to lose weight could be the diets that they choose. What many people do not understand is that certain diets and dieting plans can actually cause you to gain weight, as opposed to helping you lose it.

A study done at the University of Melbourne in Australia showed that dieting can actually cause weight gain in some instances. The study took 100 overweight men and women and put them all on a diet of just 550 calories each day for a total of eight weeks. After those eight weeks, the subjects were encouraged to continue healthy eating habits, although some of them did not. While most of the subjects did lose weight on their diets, most of them regained the weight loss after they began eating again. They also complained of more hunger after the diet than before.

What Happens After You’re Off The Diet

Studies have shown that while most people will lose an average of 5 to 10 pounds when dieting, they will gain most of that weight back once they begin eating again. Sustained weight loss is difficult for many people to attain and when they revert back to their old eating habits again, the weight comes back, often with a few extra friends. Diets simply do not lead to long term weight loss for the majority of people, although there are ways of keeping off those unwanted pounds.

First, a healthy diet is not likely to cause weight gain. Healthy eating is a lifestyle change that requires a long term commitment. Instead of fad diets and starving yourself for a few weeks in order to see a few pounds come off, choosing to eat healthier from now on will give you much better results. Studies show that those who incorporate a healthy eating plan for long term use will have a much better chance of not gaining back weight that they have lost.

How Do You Change Habits?

Another way that some diets can actually make people gain weight is by not keeping them satisfied. Any diet that deprives you of food is likely to cause you to snack or break the diet. This alone could be cause for weight gain. Instead of fad diets or replacing meals with shakes and energy bars, you should simply incorporate healthy eating into your lifestyle. Again, this is the best way to avoid gaining weight back that you lose while dieting.

Most diet plans fail because they only focus on the food aspect. Adding exercise and other healthy lifestyle changes are an important part of any weight loss plan. When you incorporate a healthier lifestyle, you have no worries of gaining weight after you reach your weight loss goals. If you are wondering if diets can make you gain weight, the answer is yes. Some of them can. This is why it is important to choose your diet plan carefully and ensure that you are not being deprived of food and that you are following a good exercise program along with your diet for optimal and long term weight loss success.