Avoiding Manly Muscles – How You Can Use Weight Training To Look Like A Woman

woman lifting weight

Weight Lifting for Women

Many women are afraid to begin lifting weights because they fear that they will end up with bulky muscles and look like a man. The truth however, is that women do and should lift weights and doing so will not necessarily give you that bulky man look.

How Are Muscles Built?

Testosterone is a hormone that is used during muscle building. It is the main hormone used in fact and men have as much as ten times more testosterone than women. This simply means that it is not physiologically possible for a woman to gain as much muscle mass as a man. Bodybuilding is a very competitive sport and while there are women who compete, lift weights and otherwise bulk up, not all women who lift weights and strength train are going to look like they are body builders. For the most part, lifting weights is about burning fat and you have to consider that some bodybuilders who are really bulky may actually take steroids to help them to build muscle mass.

How Does Weight Lifting Benefit A Woman?

Women who want to lose weight and burn more body fat should actually attempt weight lifting. Studies have shown that this can be a very effective exercise routine to work into your normal program. Weight lifting provides a number of benefits to men and women alike and in no way means that you are going to have huge muscles, even if you lift weights every day.

The main reason that most women lift weights is to burn more fat. When you build muscle, you can expect to burn much more fat and the fat burning process continues even after you stop working out. Instead of looking like they are muscly, women who lift weights simply look like they are defined. Simply put, without the use of steroids women cannot get bigger muscles like men can because they lack the testosterone needed to do so. Lifting weights simply provides for a much more defined muscle and a leaner overall look.

Are There Any Other Benefits To Weight Lifting?

Weight lifting is an excellent way to fight off osteoporosis as well. Over time, lifting weights regularly can help to maintain bone mass and even build bone as needed. Women who are at a higher risk for osteoporosis due to family history of the disease or hysterectomy will find weight lifting to be very beneficial. Lifting weights also allows you to burn more calories. Studies have shown that women who lift weights burn on average, 100 more calories during the first 24 hours after their weight lifting session has ended than those that do not bother to lift weights. This means that you are burning calories and burning fat for hours after you stop lifting, which is certainly a benefit to those who are looking to slim down.

Women typically lift weights in order to gain strength and this is certainly a good benefit of weight lifting. You can also lose more belly fat with weight lifting than you can with cardio exercises alone. Losing that excess belly fat also lowers your risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many forms of cancer. Finally, you can help to prevent future injury by strengthening your muscles now. Weight lifting gives you much more muscle strength and flexibility so when you exercise in the future, you will not have worries of injuring muscles or other vital organs.

It comes as no surprise that women do not want to look like wrestlers or football players and although men can build huge muscles doing some sort of weight lifting, women simply cannot build those types of muscles. Women at the most may have a more defined muscle where they focus their strength training but that muscle will in no way be considered manly.

You’ll Like The Way You Look!

Women who lift weights are simply slimmer, healthier and many are happier. They do not lift weights in order to build huge hulk like muscles and women who avoid weight lifting should understand that this simply will not happen. Women lift weights in order to burn fat and calories, feel stronger and generally to enjoy their workouts.

If you have been thinking of incorporating weight training and you are afraid that you will end up with manly arms, you can reconsider. You are not going to build huge bulky muscles by lifting weights regularly. What you will do however is burn fat and lose weight. You will strengthen your muscles, define your body and simply be in much better shape than you are right now, without the huge man arms that you may be worried about having.