Our mission at LiveSlimandFit.com is to help our readers achieve the weight and fitness levels that they desire through eating healthy foods and moderate exercise programs.

To help people toward these goals we will use the following as guidelines:

  • We will discuss the many common conceptions and misconceptions, as we see them about eating and fitness out there in the health and fitness universe.
  • We will keep in mind that lasting changes tend to occur slowly and that the promise of instantaneous results most of the time is not real.
  • We realize that the readers of our site are real people and not numbers or statistics. Results are not the same for everyone. What works for some people may not work for others.
  • And above all, we will try to help our readers sort through the many different things that they read and hear about health and fitness to the best of our ability.

The people behind LiveSlimandFit.com:

We are Sam and Judy Wilson, a husband and wife team. Both of us have been both overweight and out of shape in our lives and also we have been slim and fit in our lives.

As the result of our struggles with our weight and fitness we have both become avid readers and researchers of health and fitness subjects.

That research lead us to develop LiveSlimandFit.com in the hope that we could help other people in their journey down the health and fitness path.

You may contact us here.