Is Intermittent Fasting A Good Way To Lose Weight?

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Intermittent Fasting To Lose Weight

Many people have heard of intermittent fasting but most are unaware of how it works and how much weight loss can be expected when following a fasting diet. Intermittent fasting is simply skipping certain meals or limiting calories to a low amount for a few days each week. It means eating the bulk of your calories on specific days and then having a few days where you skip a large portion of the calories that you would normally eat.

Why Does This Work?

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Avoiding Manly Muscles – How You Can Use Weight Training To Look Like A Woman

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Many women are afraid to begin lifting weights because they fear that they will end up with bulky muscles and look like a man. The truth however, is that women do and should lift weights and doing so will not necessarily give you that bulky man look. How Are Muscles Built? Testosterone is a hormone […]

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Is Building Muscle A Good Way To Lose Weight?

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Lifting weights can help you to lose unwanted pounds and generally look and feel healthier. When you lift weights, you can burn more fat and tone your body. In order to effectively lose weight, you have to increase your metabolism. Lifting weights helps you to do this and it can keep your metabolism at a […]

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Is It Safe To Work Out If You Are Over 60?

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Everyone knows that exercise is essential for good health but many people wonder if it is safe to work out after 60. Research has shown that moderate exercise can provide protection from a variety of diseases and even those in their golden years can benefit from a regular exercise program. Many health experts recommend that […]

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Did Cavemen Have The Secrets To Being Trim?

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Many believe that the cavemen may have held the secret to being fit and trim. The Paleo diet has recently gained much attention and because it incorporates eating like cavemen did, it is typically referred to as the caveman diet. This diet involves eating foods that were only available during caveman times. What Is The […]

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How To Use Exercise To Shape Your Body Without Bulking Up

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Everyone wants to lose weight and get healthy and most have an idea of what they want to look like. For some, it is having huge muscles and looking bulky. Others however, simply want to look slim and fit, fit into a new dress or otherwise just feel healthier. There is a difference between toning […]

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Do Diets Actually Cause You To Gain Weight?

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Millions of people begin new diets every day and while many of them are successful in their weight loss attempts, some fail miserably. One of the reasons that some people fail to lose weight could be the diets that they choose. What many people do not understand is that certain diets and dieting plans can […]

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How Is Women’s Fitness Different From Men’s?

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When it comes to fitness, women and men are certainly not alike. While many of the exercises that each gender does are similar and some are actually the same, the results are often much different. Women in general have a different view of working out than men. Men often want to bulk up and add […]

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Weight Loss – A Continuous Process?

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Weight loss is an issue that many people deal with every day. Whether losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight, it is something that you have to consider long term. While not all diets last forever, eating healthy should. In order to maintain your healthy weight, you have to begin by losing weight slowly. Some […]

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